Shaghayegh Atashian

Shaghayegh Atashian, REALTOR®

Speaks: English




Long time Victoria resident. World Traveller. Language lover. Paddle board enthusiast. Unique name. Just a few of the things to describe Shaghayegh. Don’t worry, the name is not as difficult as it looks. Just think of Shania (like the famous Shania Twain) but add a “g”, making it ‘Shaghaya’. Whether you're buying or selling, Shaghayegh is here to guide you every step of the way.

Shaghayegh has a passion for helping people find their dream homes in Victoria. After moving here 14 years ago to attend the University of Victoria, Shaghayegh fell in love with the island. She mentions that “the moment she arrived, it felt like home”. Home. Now that is a word that has many different meanings to different people. But at the essence of it, it is a place where you wouldn’t trade for anywhere else in the world.

From first time buyers to seasoned investors to in-the-moment sellers; Shaghayegh is here to share your vision. With her unique perspective and skill set, that is exactly what she bring to the table. She uses her market knowledge, negotiation skills, and marketing strategies to get you the best results possible. 

Shaghayegh’s unique and diverse background make her stand out from other real estate agents. She is a world traveler, who has lived in many different countries such as Iran, Syrian, Lebanon, and China. She speaks English, Farsi, Mandarin, and French (Parisian), and can understand German, Arabic, and Spanish. She has a deep appreciation for different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. And yes, she can order food in any of these languages!

She always puts her clients' best interests first and strives to exceed their expectations. She is not happy until they're happy. She believes that real estate is more than just a transaction. It’s a relationship built on trust, communication, and professionalism. Therefore she makes it a priority to have her clients heard and educated.

Shaghayegh is committed to providing you with exceptional service, honest advice, and timely feedback by always being available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and support you throughout the process. Her goal is to make your real estate experience smooth, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Shaghayegh will treat you like family and go the extra mile for you. She can’t wait to meet you and help you with your real estate needs. And don't worry, she won't make you learn Mandarin or Farsi.

And as for the time when she is not assisting her clients with their real estate needs, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog (Loki), as well as paddle boarding on the ocean and exploring the beautiful city of Victoria. 

Shaghayegh Atashian does not currently have active listings. Please check back frequently or contact Shaghayegh Atashian directly.